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Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend Girl Scout Event

Illy and Aise got a lot of puppy socialization yesterday!

Joel helps our guest hook up her dogs; Phoenix and White Feather

The girls were so gentle with the dogs and did such an excellent job running their sleds. The dogs, for the most part(Zodiak), made this easier for them. Zodiak became distracted during the last run of the day when he caught sight of a plane flying over head and began taking the girls on several different fun but unexpected adventures in various directions around the lake.

Wimzi and Oken in lead!

Big smiles all around and Wimzi and Oken take our guest on a fun zip around the lake!

Klaus cuddles up to one of our guests.

Ari doesn't seem to mind his picture being taken today!

Joel and Hailey display the tools of their trade. Joel scoops the food while Hailey conquers the poop.

Points Unknown was host to twelve 6th-8th grade Girl Scouts and their four chaperons this weekend! We discovered recently that the Girl Scouts have a Dog Mushing Badge and busily began creating the curriculum for a class and hands-on event that meets the criteria for this badge.

On Sunday we took several dogs and loads of dog mushing gear to the classroom portion of our course at a youth building in a nearby community. Here, we taught roughly 40 girls from the age of six to fourteen, all we could about dog mushing in an hour and a half. Only the older girls would be able to attend the hands-on portion of the course at Points Unknown the following day which gives the younger girls something to look forward to!

There is another Girl Scout badge that pertains to community service and donating time and/or goods. Our local Adopt-A-Husky organization was kind enough to accept our invitation to attend this course to help the girls earn yet another badge. In return, the girls donated several items which will be put up for auction at the Adopt-A-Husky Hike in May, to help earn money for the organization.

The weather conditions were excellent yesterday for twelve girls and thirteen dogs to play out on the lake. We look forward to our hands-on group events each year because the participants have so much fun and it gives each of our dogs the experience and subsequent confidence of leading in a two dog team.

The girls did an excellent job with the dogs and made so many fun memories. At the end of the day, the dogs appeared exhausted from all of the mental activity but seemed to really enjoy all of the attention and new experiences. Neil and I had a wonderful day with our guests and found ourselves exhausted from all of the activity of the day and ended up falling asleep at 8PM that evening! We are looking forward to hosting another weekend event with this Girl Scout Troop in February.

So many thanks go out to Chris, Joel and Hailey who helped for this event!

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