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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wimzi Turns One Year Old!

Wimzi at one year old and approximately 60lbs

Very sound structure

Wimzi actually turned a year old yesterday but because we were so busy catching up and getting the puppies settled in, her birthday wishes were delayed.

As an aside, after returning from our New Hampshire adventure on Sunday night I had a day to prepare for Neil and the puppies to arrive and a day to prepare my testimony for a court case the following day where I was to be the expert witness in a case regarding the desire of a homeowner to construct a more contemporary home in a neighborhood of more traditional homes governed by an association with an architectural committee. As you might imagine, this committee was against the construction. I had a break from constant thoughts of everything sled dog and was fascinated by the entire process of court testimony, this having been my first time actually having to testify in court as the numerous legal appraisals I do throughout the years tend to settle before I am needed in court. It is far different than a mediation I did that took place in someone's home. This case was also quite interesting and involved a homeowner purchasing a home then finding out three years later that they could not expand it because there were numerous Native American burial mounds on the property. The property is located, of all places, in a community by the name it comes.......... Mound. Hmmmm......

The legal cases are one of the most interesting aspects of my job description as a Real Property Appraiser. Not to mention that it helps to afford my lifestyle with the sled dogs. That is, until we are able to make the move up north and scale back then it can become a smaller contributer. Ah to dream!

So then. Back the Wimzi! She's a year old yesterday! It is so hard to believe. This girl has turned into the largest female in our kennel. Wimzi is one of our deep Zulu line Alaskan Huskies with just a tad of Hedlund Husky in there and will be an excellent foundation for the future of this line. Her desire to pull is intense as is her focus. She excels at obedience class but can be a bit naughty as she has a mind of her own, at times. Her excellent structure, solid build and good dense coat top off her many attributes.

Happy Birthday, Wimzi woo!

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