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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Daisy/Tumac Uktousa Puppies; 5 Weeks Old

We just got the exciting news this week that this little cutie was chosen to be one of the two pups coming to Points Unknown! Her name was Grayvy but will now be Aise (Eyesha), which is Arabic for "she who lives". This is a fitting name for a pup so full of life. It's funny how we seem to have a slue of names picked out, and in the end, we get hit by one at the very last minute that seems to top them all. We attended the Audubon Center for the Northwoods Family Event last week. One of our guests was a striking and sharp young teenager named Aisha (Eyesha) who did an excellent job of holding on to her sled when it tipped over upon take off. I was so taken by how she carried herself, by her name and its meaning, that the name stuck with me.

The beautiful and mellow Fruitcake has very classic Hedlund markings

Honey is apparently a mischievous pup just like Aise, but oh so sweet.

Pear is still the largest of the girls and the most mellow. The look in her eyes is the same look I see in her grandfather McKenzie's eyes as well as her Aunt White Feather; inquisitive, mild mannered, kind and thoughtful.

Pepper is the most massive pup with the mildest temperament of the bunch and an excellent coat.

Turkey Jim (TJ) has got us all curious. He's mild mannered yet there is something about him that we don't recognize and it will be so fun to watch him grow. He looks like a little elf of some kind in this photo.

Wishbone has the same markings that our Phoenix had at his age, however, this beautiful boy has blue eyes! Since there is Siberian Husky in the Hedlund line, blue eyes do appear now and again but not too often.

Please visit the Uktousa website for more updates on these beautiful Hedlund Husky puppies.

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