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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

White Feather in Lead

All eyes were on the puppies are we arrived back to the kennel

What good dogs!

Zodiak is the ultimate athlete

We wanted the puppies to be a small part of the experience today so we moved them from the kennel behind the house to the dog yard during our hook up. There were waiting to greet us at the fence we returned although they did stand back a bit and appeared to be thoughtfully considering what might be approaching.

We just finished a quick run for today. Oken did his magic in single lead again today. In addition, we placed White Feather in lead with Phoenix who also did a great job! We did have a few training moments as we unhooked the other dogs from the gangline at the end of the run. Our leaders are expected to keep the line tight and remain in place until all dogs are removed. She was a little figity but that is to be expected until she knows what is expected of her.

Good girl, Woofer!

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