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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Olive's Solo Run and Departure


Rebecca helps Olive hold down her team as they prepare for take off

Off they go!

Hanging on and bending knees - good sled posture!

Ari and Zala were her "team". Ari shows his excellent work ethic with his head to the ground, just like brother Phoenix. Zala wasn't the best example of being a focused worker during this run. She would occasionally stop to roll and play in the snow, knowing there was a new musher on the runners.

The dogs take her back to the house


Neil assists on the snowmobile

Musher and team back safely to the kennel

Neil's "Mum", Olive, has always been a dog person, having had rough Collies throughout Neil's childhood. She was in dog heaven here at Points Unknown kennel and had an obvious bond with each and every one of her grand dogs!

Olive was always on the go during her stay. If she wasn't shoveling snow, she was out in the dog yard tidying up and spending time with the dogs. She learned how to run the snowmobile during her visit and did some snowshoeing. In addition to the many times she was a passenger in our dog sleds either here on our beautiful lake or up north on our more primitive wilderness trails, she got to run her very own team of two sled dogs around the lake.

Although sad to be going home and leaving all of the dogs here in Minnesota, she was extremely excited to be making plans to pick up her new Collie puppy shortly after her arrival home. Having lost her last Collie a couple years ago to old age, she wasn't certain she would get another one. I think the Points Unknown sled dogs talked her in to it.

We miss you, Olive and we'll see you in a few months!

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