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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

North to Snow!

Phoenix is jumping for joy that we're headed north
We couldn't be more excited that we'll be departing for 19 days of remote dog mushing adventures on Friday!

Our final beeswax candle deliveries are being made today. Our next deliveries are on the 21st. Please have your orders in to us by the 19th. We also resume shipping internet orders at that time.

We're hoping for snow while we're gone so that we can resume our Oake Lake Dog Mushing Experiences, here at our Watertown location, upon our return.

We'll have limited phone and internet access but will try our best to get back with you if there are any questions, you'd like to place an order or would be interested in booking a dog mushing adventure. Our number is 218.370.0283. If we are unable to return your call during our time away, we will get back with upon our return.

Traveling with six puppies (two are going to their new homes before we leave), will add to our adventure. Make sure to check back for photos!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Irish/Ilo Puppies; 7 Weeks Old

Wyakin (Baby New Year) - 15lbs 8oz - Staying at Points Unknown
Tyro (Tiny Tim) - 12lbs 9oz - John and Karen Choe and furry family
Akai (Jingle) - 15lbs 6oz - Staying at Points Unknown
Kamotz (Dreidel) - 14lbs 11oz - Staying at Points Unknown
Teyah (Solstice) - 12lbs 8oz - Teresa and Josh Cutler and furry family

Freyja (Hanukkah) - 14lbs - Lisa Urness Raz and Tanner
Kwanzaa - 15lbs 5oz - Lidia and Richard Dale-Mesaros and Uktousa Kennel

B'Zhoo (Festivus) - 15lbs 1oz - Staying at Points Unknown

Friday, January 25, 2013

Heading North to Snow!

White Feather and Tuloon lead the way

One week from today we will be leaving the combination of bare and ice laden ground here in southeastern Minnesota and traveling to our beautiful remote winter wonderland in the Arrowhead Region of Minnesota. It is winter after all. We should be able to expect snow in January, by golly!

I am excited to say, that this will be our last winter in an area where a lack of snow in winter is becoming the norm. Our Irish Creek Homestead awaits.

During the month of February we've got a super busy dog sledding calendar. The dogs will have to quickly get back into shape after a month of being unable to run on a sled or wheeled rig. They will be running nearly every day for 18 days.

First, we have a weekend adventure planned for our much appreciated handlers, Hailey and Kristen. Lee Ann and Jodie, our advanced participants, arrive the same day Hailey and Kristen depart and our advanced adventure begins. Jodie departs several days later and Lee Ann stays to be our dog handler and chef for the participants traveling from Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania for their beginner adventure. Our four beginners and Lee Ann depart after their adventure and Chris, another Points Unknown handler arrives for a few days of exploring by dog team before our custom adventure begins with participants flying in from Arizona. They want to do an ice fishing-by-dog-team day and our friend and neighbor Troy will guide their day of fishing. Then, sadly, after 18 days of action-packed dog and wilderness events, we head back and hope to find enough snow at our Watertown location to provide our Oake Lake Experience (dog mushing adventure) to all of those folks who have called to inquire and have been patiently waiting for the return of snow!

We also hope to arrive back to a house that has been sold as the real estate market appears to be picking up! Everyone please keep your fingers crossed for us!

Wimzi Turns 3 Yrs Old Today!

Wimzi at 3 Years Old.
Wimzi is a 3/4 Zulu line and 1/4 Hedlund line Alaskan Husky. Her mother was Zimbi, a Zulu daughter and her father is Q, a Tuloon/Bazil 2007 puppy. Our Ryden is her nephew.

She's an all business type of sled dog and not much of a cuddler. She prefers to off exploring the yard on her own or with her sidekick, Zodiak.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Irish/Ilo Puppies; 6 Weeks Old

Baby New Year - 11lbs 11oz
Tyro (Tiny Tim/Navidad) - 10lbs 2oz
Akai (Jingle) - 12lbs 5oz

Kamots (Dreidel) - 11lbs 11oz
Teyah (Solstice) - 10lbs 8oz
Freya (Hanukkah) - 11lbs 10oz

Kwanzaa - 12lbs 4oz !
B'Zhoo (Festivus) - 13lbs 4oz !

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Photo courtesy of - A flower studio limoni limoni

We just received this lovely photo of one of our pure beeswax candles, in a beautiful arrangement, from one of our wholesale customers. Thank you for sharing!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Puppy Action Shots - 5 Weeks Old

Tiny Tim with Blueberry


Baby New Year

Jingle and Hanukkah


Hanukkah and Festivus

Festivus and Hanukkah

Irish with Dreidel

Irish and Jingle

Irish/Ilo Puppies; 5 Weeks Old

Baby New Year - 8lbs 6oz
Tiny Tim (Navidad) - 7lbs 2oz
Jingle (Akai) - 9lbs 4oz

Dreidel (Kamots) - 8lbs 8oz

Solstice - 8lbs
Hanukkah (Freya) - 8lbs 14oz

Kwanzaa - 9lbs 2oz

Festivus (B'Zhoo) - 9lbs 9oz

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Irish/Ilo Puppies; 4 Weeks Old

Baby New Year - 5lbs 11oz
Navidad (Tiny Tim) - 5lbs 2oz
Jingle - 6lbs 12oz
Dreidel - 6lbs 8oz
Solstice - 5lbs 14oz
Hanukkah - 6lbs 7oz
Kwanzaa - 6lbs 12oz
Festivus - 7lbs 2oz

The puppies made a very good transition outside last Friday night. They are keeping warm under the heat lamps in the insulated box at night but do spend most of their time in the breezeway where it's cooler, most of the day. Today, the temperatures are in the mid 30s so I decided it would be a good opportunity to have them explore the outside pen so I've closed off the door to their heated box. They've spent the morning in the dog house with and without Irish. Some have been seen venturing out and about and I do my best to bring them all out of the box to play when I visit every couple of hours.

Puppy Talk

Baby New Year and Kwanzaa

The puppies are getting very talkative! Here's a quick video link.

Oake Lake Experience


We've been having a lot of fun taking our guest out on our Oake Lake Experiences. Please visit our Points Unknown facebook page and check out the photos from one of our runs over the weekend. While you're there, make sure to "like" us! This way, you'll get regular updates from us about our adventures and the dogs.