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Friday, January 28, 2011

Topa in Lead!

There she is, our beautiful Topa.

"This is serious business", she thinks to herself. I am in awe of Topa's structure and she's got some serious long legs.

Daughter, Zala and mom, Tuloon were in point position on Neil's team

This was Topa's first time in lead since fall training. Not sure why I waited so long to put here up there. She was amazing! This 19 month old Hedlund Husky took numerous commands and did remain tight other than the time she stopped to poop, getting a quick correction as she got a bit trampled on by the dogs behind her. She was no worse for the wear and it appeared as though she got the message and quickly sprang back up in lead.

Of course, she was so proud of herself and couldn't help but do a little dance in harness when I praised her.

Klaus did what Klaus does in lead. He set an excellent example and pulled as if his life depended upon it, taking commands as requested. We're so lucky to have such an excellent leader to help train our beginners.

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