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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rebecca's Solo Run and Departure

Hooking up her leaders

And off they go!

Under the railroad bridge

Phoenix, Tuloon and Sweet Pea in sync. White Feather hides behind Tuloon

Heading out to the big part of the lake

Rebecca carries a straw bale for extra weight and stability

Phoenix and Tuloon

White Feather and Sweet Pea

Big smiles

Returning to the kennel

Rebecca arrived in October, eager to learn all about dog mushing. The most important part of her lessens would be her relationship with each dog which would teach her so much about these magnificent creatures and help her understand why they are who they are why they were born to do what they do.

We began with the care of the dogs. Rebecca learned how to feed and properly care for them. In October, fall training was underway and she learned everything involved with working with the sled dogs and the four wheeled cart on a dirt base. A trip up north to camp and train on our newly discovered northwoods trails added some diversity in beauty and topography to our every day, fairly level training trail.

The lake freeze and snow came early and she graduated to the next level of learning how to run the dogs on snow and a frozen lake. Another trip up north gave her a taste of a different kind of beauty on our narrow, hilly and windy bush trails. She ran a six dog team with me in the sled for support and did an excellent job.

Rebecca did her first solo run with a four dog team the week of her departure and then ran a six dog team with Olive as her passenger the day before their departure.

We were happy to have Rebecca during her stay. The dogs loved her, she took excellent care of them and she learned the skills necessary to be of great help to us. She will be missed!

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