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Monday, January 31, 2011

The Puppy Nanny is Back!

Sweet Pea with Illy

Sweet Pea and the babies

In 2007, when Tuloon had her first litter of pups, Sweet Pea quit her job as the puppy nanny. We thought it was because of just how bonkers they were. Then in 2009 with Tuloon's second litter, there was absolutely no interest in helping to raise those little fuzz monsters. Up until that point, Sweet Pea had happily raised every puppy that came to our kennel.

Neil made a good point that I hadn't even considered but now it is glaringly obvious. All of the puppies that Sweet Pea raised came to us from other kennels without a "parent". She took over that role. In the case of Tuloon's puppies, Tuloon was here and quite capable to raising her own puppies. Sweet Pea didn't see the need or the point in assisting. Now that Illy and Aise have arrived "parent less" and Tuloon has made it clear that they are not hers. Sweet Pea quickly scooped them up under her wing and has taken on the role of puppy nanny yet again. She sleeps with them, plays with them and gently disciplines them. They follow her everywhere. She even went so far as to regurgitate her food for them yesterday which is something I've not seen her do in the past.

Tuloon, on the other hand, is quite happy to sit back and watch all of this, knowing that even though they are her grand puppies, she's not obligated in anyway to lift a finger. She will occasionally terrorize them with a bit of rough but needed play that teaches them that she is the boss and that they shouldn't forget it. Otherwise, she sits on the couch and watches with a subtle mischievous grin on her face.

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