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Friday, January 28, 2011

Uktousa Kennel visit

I know there will be payback for this photo but the dogs looked so cute as they waited for a treat. Hana was in heat at the time, thus the pink bloomers.

Lidia with Honey

After 5 years of working with us, Hailey finally got to go on an "out state" adventures. Hailey, me and Lidia

A series of three groups shots. They wouldn't stop moving! Far left to right - Rosie, Hailey with Wishbone and Honey, Richard with Pepper (now Rigel) and TJ, me with Illy and Aise, Lidia with Pear.

Daisy pops her head in this shot next to Hailey.

Tumac begins the lessons for his puppies. Here, he reinforces that he is the boss and lets Illy know that she needs to mind her manners and not jump in his face.

Tumac isn't quite sure what to make of them yet.

One last drink at the milk bar before Aise and Illy depart with us to Minnesota.

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