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Friday, January 28, 2011

Heartfelt Thanks

The pups' first night with us.

As you can see by the look on Neil's face, we couldn't be happier with our two new pups from our dear friends Lidia and Richard Dale-Mesaros at Uktousa Kennel in New Hampshire.

We were fortunate enough to be able to make the journey to New Hampshire to pick our our beautiful pups and visit our wonderful friends at Uktousa, Mornington Crescent and Kelim Siberians last weekend. We are still trying to recover from our whirlwind adventure! Posts to come on each kennel visit.

Lidia and Richard did such a wonderful job of helping Daisy raise these pups. They began their little lives in the house and remained there for the first six weeks. Now that is a HUGE and messy but satisfying commitment! They were then placed outside in a large pen with frequent visits from Daisy. Richard designed a clever dog house with a heat lamp in the ceiling that was set up so that the pups would not reach the chords or the lamp itself but benefited from its warmth. This pen had a roof over the majority of it, as do all of their kennels. The pups were allowed to visit the other dogs through the fence each day and spend time out in the play area twice a day with some of the more puppy friendly adult dogs. Human visitors were common to the kennel as the puppies received attention from all ages.

We know just how difficult raising a litter is and then how very heart wrenching it is to then see some of those puppies go. Lidia is one of the most thoughtful puppy raisers around and takes each and every little life extremely seriously, only wanting the very best for each. She was careful to match up the pups with the best homes and keep those that told her they wanted to stay.

During my first visit, when the pups were three weeks old, Aise (AKA Grayvy) quite obviously picked me by her interaction and there was an instant bond. Lidia saw this and honored the connection. Our second pup did not make itself known until just prior to our departure for our second visit. Lidia sensed that Illy (AKA Fruitcake) would best be suited for Points Unknown and that decision is proving itself to be true.

I can't thank Lidia and Richard enough for the wonderful additions to our furry family. Our dog family connection grows!

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