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Saturday, May 28, 2011


Give your heart a reason to beat.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Bubble of Calm

After the storms

We have had very tumultuous weather the past couple of days. Rain, shine, rain, hail, thunder, lighting, shine, tornado warnings, high winds and over and over again. This photo was taken at what appears to be the end of the last blast of this kind of weather for the day. Puzzling how the rainbow seems to form the barrier between the blue skies and the clouds, almost encasing the far end of Oake Lake and its shore in a bubble of calm. I've been searching for the pots of gold all afternoon. Someone must have beaten me to them.

Most of the sled dogs don't mind the bad weather and run around and play in the heavy rain. Tuloon is one of those that is frightened of thunder and lightning even though we made it a "fun" event when she was young, so she comes inside during most storms these days. Then there is Sweet Pea who suddenly began to limp the moment the downpours began. Hmmm. Once inside I saw her take a dive for a toy across the room and over a dog bed.

Another Wet but Fun Event

Aise goes completely limp when being held.

Neil's smiling face at our booth INSIDE.

A 12 week old Shepherd/Pit Bull cross burns some puppy energy by pulling a wheelbarrow tire around the building.

As you can see, Neil is not restraining Aise. She is welcome to get down at any moment, but instead, makes herself comfortable by leaning up against him. This illustrates the versatility of the Hedlund Husky; lap dogs one moment and driven and focused working dogs the next.

Paws Inn Resort and Training had their third annual Pet Expo yesterday. Points Unknown attended to market our adventures and canicross events and to provide impromptu pull training classes to passersby. For this event we had a booth inside! The rain poured down off and on, making any activities outdoors subject to the weather.

Aise and Illy continued their socialization training as they came to represent the Points Unknown sled dogs. What a day for these two now 6 month old pups! They met dogs and people of all kinds, received some calming essential oil treatment from a neighboring booth, watched and nearly participated in a disc dog presentation (Aise went bonkers for the disc activity), and met the resident chickens and donkey. Aise spent much of her time in a lap; Neil's lap, and had no desire to get down. Had Illy been interested in being a lap dog she could have taken a turn but declined and spent her time on the ground.

Upon our arrival back home, when the blue skies poked out from behind the dark clouds, you would have thought that those two pups would be ready for a long nap. Instead, they were raring to go when each dog group was let out to play and insisted on participating.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cold and Wet Day for the Husky Hike

Aise and Illy at 5 1/2 mos

See how the "cute" factor just draws you into the booth?

It was soggy wet outside but the pools were still a popular attraction.

The wetter the better for this big handsome boy.

The Adopt A Husky Volunteer group

Aise got so tired, I watched her head slowly lower to the ground, being propped up by her nose.

Getting all of this attention in one day is tiring stuff.


Sasha digs in and pulls those tires up the hill. Maybe now she'll sit still! She's just like Wimzi and they're both in a nutso stage where I find myself repeating over and over, she WILL grow out of this.....patience, patience.

And the hike begins.

It's becoming a tradition that the Husky Hike each year takes place on a cold and wet day. Not next year! Nope. We've got to send our wishes for a nice day out to the clear sky gods for next year. At least this year we didn't have horrific thunderstorms!

Each year the Adopt A Husky organization, a Siberian Husky Rescue group, holds a day of fun where you can come out, hike with your dog of any breed, listen to live music, buy neat stuff and bid in a silent auction. All of the proceeds go to help save the lives of our Siberian Husky friends. This year's turnout was a tad down and likely having to do with the fact that it is Minnesota's fishing opener. It can be hard to compete with the fisher people, thus the low attendance.

Points Unknown attended to support the organization, to sell Redpaw and to hand out information about our winter adventures. Aise and Illy came along to add the "cute" factor and for ongoing socialization. Sasha, Wimzi's sister, attended last year and came again this year with Chris to be the demo dog for our impromptu pull training classes. What an excellent example! She was so antsy sitting in the rain, waiting for something to do, that Chris attached her harness to a large tire and she took a few runs around the park, pulling it like it was a feather. So, we attached another one. She did an excellent job and really put her head to the ground and pulled those tires on the lawn, not slacking up the hills. Illy couldn't stand to be left behind and readily protested at the top of her lungs.

Both Aise and Illy enjoyed the one on one time with me as we took turns walking around the park, meeting people and dogs. They even had their first experience with a live band. Heads cocked side to side at the little box with all of the sound coming out of it.

Illy has come a long way since her first puppy class when she screamed bloody murder when an 8lb terrier jumped up to play. She now approaches with more confidence but makes it very clear that she would prefer they don't try to eat her as she will typically squat for a submissive pee and tentatively lick a chin. Aise displays the behavior I've seen many of my Hedlund Husky pups display. Even as very young puppies, they will not tolerate another puppy or dog they don't know flying into their faces. They are more reserved and like to get to know other dogs slowly and "properly"; approach slowly and extend the doggie handshake (translated as sniffing rear ends). Then when the proper body language has been displayed, they can begin to play but only if all of the initial criteria has been met to a "T". If not, a quick snap to the face will surely remind them. And if they insist on being improper, well, the Hedlund Husky will turn their noses up and walk away as if to say, "You've been given all of the chances you're going to get". They seem to much prefer the company of a human than another dog outside of their pack and tend to stick closest to those with the best treats.

It was sure nice to see all of those familiar faces today from the volunteers that made the day happen to those folks that have been attending the hike for years. Fingers crossed that they were able to take in the donations they were expecting, despite the weather. If you would like to to donate to an excellent cause, you can so do by going to their website by clicking here.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Canicross Hikes 2011 - Lake Minnewashta

Illy at 5 mos

Kristen with Maddy

Robin with Harley

Aise heads back to the truck

The sisters spend some time on the dock


Colin and Harley take a break

Katsu plays with the puppies

Aise's got her head to the ground, making sure she stays in the lead.

Katsu and Maddy lead the way

The morning couldn't have been any better for our first Canicross Hike of the season with temps in the mid 60s and bright blue skies. We were so excited to welcome a new hiker team today; Robin, Harley and Colin joined us. Harley and Colin became the first Rough Collie members of the group and they picked it up pretty quickly.

The "chosen ones" from the Points Unknown kennel were the puppies; Aise and Illy. This was their very first Canicross Hike. Talk about impatient! Thankfully, I was reminded that when I first brought Wimzi she was just as impatient, bouncing and flipping and looking back to go. We were just going too slow for them and they wanted to keep up with the group so flipped and flopped around in protest. Once we joined the group and got the "vinegar" out of them in the first portion of the hike, they pulled like pros. Well, they are still puppies, so this goofiness is to be expected. (I remind myself) Little stinkers. Just can't wait for fall training when those pups will be hooked up with the big dogs. By then, they'll be big dogs!

Katsu and Maddy remained in lead much of the time with the puppies and the Collies not far behind. Alison and her son Eli joined us from Minneapolis for the first time and borrowed one of the puppies for the hike.

The Husky Hike is next weekend with all proceeds going to the Adopt A Husky Rescue organization! Join us if you can. Otherwise our next Canicross Hike is on May 28th at Lake Maria State Park.