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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Weekend Get-A-Way

The dogs camped out in the parking lot

Olive did some snowshoeing!

Our trail, carved out of the Alders.

Neil on our building pad preparing the snowmobile to maintain trails

As it was the last weekend that Olive and Rebecca would be in Minnesota, we planned a long weekend with the sled dogs at our northern Minnesota hide-a-way. We are in the planning stages of a structure on our property so until then, we either camp or stay at a hotel owned by a friend in Grand Marais. Olive was up for most anything but we thought that winter camping might be pushing it a bit so we "camped out" at the Grand Marais Inn in Grand Marais.

This type of adventure calls for even more dog related management items such as loading and unloading dogs a total of 27 times throughout the weekend, bringing in fresh snow each day where the dogs are dropped in the hotel parking lot and a lot of driving back and forth but it was all worth it in the end with memories of us and the dogs on our breathtaking northwoods trails.

In addition to running the dogs we spent some time scoping new trails and doing maintenance to others. It had been the first time we had been up to our property since the new driveway and building pad was complete so we had fun looking at the opportunities the new open area created. Olive and Rebecca also got in some snowshoeing!

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