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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Photos by Neil

Aise is the easy going pup that is more playful and Illy is the more serious and focused pup. Illy will whine if she is made to walk behind anyone. She wants to be out front!

Puppy paws!

What is this creature? It's Blueberry!

It's wonder dog!

Blue is filled with personality.

Aise's in the lead!

Another example of the difference in personalities. Focused versus playful.

And yet another strange looking creature! Copper loves our off leash walks on the lake.

Copper up in the air

Copper has done just fine the last nine years with only three legs.


It's neck and neck

Copper expresses his opinion about the addition of yet another set of sled dog puppies. It is his house, you know.

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