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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bush Trail Run

The snow covered beauty

Entering the hardwood forest

My trusty leaders, Klaus and Oken

"What did you say?" says Wimzi while Topa just patronizes me but is thinking, "Oh, give me a break."

Ari turns his head away from the camera as usual as Journey just stares into the distance hoping to get moving down the trail soon instead of stopping to take photos again.

Bright blue skies

Towering Fir trees

The trees appear to swallow the trail

We have the most beautiful northwoods bush trail with vast variations in topography and scenery. The trail is just wide enough for a sled with towering fir trees on either side for much of the way. It drops down into a moose pond, through a hardwood forest, a pine forest and a birch forest and across a river then back again. The terrain is rolling and windy with short steep descents and ascents. The dogs love it because of the mystery of not knowing what is just around the corner!

This has been the location of our remote women's adventures and I would imagine that although the trail is generally memorable due to its beauty, the portion that is the most ingrained in their minds is the 90 degree turn and how each one eventually mastered it. Am I right?

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