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Friday, June 29, 2012

Concrete Slab is Complete!

Concrete slab being poured

Neil and I spent the last few days up in the north woods of Minnesota for the final phase of the concrete slab installation for our new remote homestead. Between pouring phases we were able to get some trail work done, we staked out the future sled dog building and kennel area, explored for new dog sled trails, tested out our new Smooth Talker cell phone booster system and spent time with friends. I can't get over how peaceful and quiet it is there. I daydreamed of soon being able to look out the big picture window at the northwoods beauty, as I "work", from our new beeswax candle workshop that will be attached to the house. You can see the new photos we added to the Irish Creek Homestead building project album by clicking here. 

Framing begins in a couple weeks!

White Feather and Topa 3 Years Old

Linda with White Feather and Topa as puppies

Time flies! Our 2009 Tuloon/McKenzie Litter turned 3 years old on the 27th of June. We've got White Feather and Topa here at Points Unknown and Lidia and Richard Dale-Mesaros of Uktousa Kennel in New Hampshire have Tumac and Hana.

Both White Feather and Topa have turned into excellent sled dogs and competent leaders. Topa was bred to our Oken and had a litter of seven beautiful puppies back in November.

Happy Birthday to our beautiful fuzzy family members, White Feather and Topa!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Rest in Peace, Sweet Zimbi

Zimbi from our 2002 Zulu/Jesse breeding. 08/09/2002 - 06/16/2012

Zimbi is the first of our only Zulu line litter of eight to pass away. Although she didn't grow up here, she was born here and is now buried nearby. Her passing touches us deeply.

Zimbi as a puppy; cute as can be!

Happy 8th Birthday, Tuloon!

Tuloon with granddaughter from the recent Topa/Oken litter, Chetan.

Tuloon, the Hedlund Husky line foundation female of our kennel, turns eight years old today. She is a reliable leader with a good work ethic. Mother to ten and grandmother to many more, she's the matriarch of the kennel and has taken it upon herself to make sure everyone stays in line.

Happy Birthday, Miss Tuloon!

Points Unknown Puppies

Topa/Oken 2011 Litter at 3 weeks

At Points Unknown, we LOVE puppies! At the same time, we have a very aggressive spay and neuter program. We only keep dogs intact that have rare lines, the most well rounded temperaments, sound structures and the very best work ethic and abilities. We are not in the business of selling puppies and it is rare that we have pups available. When we do, we're interested in placing them in like-minded, forever homes, with folks who agree to cooperate with the Hedlund Husky Preservation Project. If interested in receiving a pup and being part of the preservation project, please contact us for more information at

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Creativity Blossoms

Being on a sabbatical from my real estate appraising profession has given me all kinds of free mind space and I'm actually feeling creative again! I have spent this week doing things that have been on my really-want-to-do list for well over a year.

On Tuesday, I created a new wholesale introduction letter to include in my promo sample packet for Scent from Nature. I mailed ten of those out and on Wednesday, already, I was welcoming another wholesale customer! I do my follow-calls to the remainder tomorrow and ten more promo packets go out next week to potential customers from Alaska to New York.

This evening I've spent several hours updating and reformatting the photos on the Points Unknown website. I've got new and bigger photos on almost every page.

A glance out the window as I was typing revealed the below view. I couldn't help but be distracted for a moment.

What was seen in the east over Oake Lake when the sun set in the west tonight.

I will deeply miss this view once we make the move to the northwoods. This ever-changing sky scape that I see each time I look out my window has provided unending inspiration. If money were no object and we could afford to live in Watertown half the year and Hovland the other half, I would most certainly jump at the opportunity but, sadly, that scenario doesn't fall under the heading of "simple" and that is the goal.

When my head was filled with numbers and deadlines, momentary inspirational distractions only added to the pressure because one moment away meant more pressure once I returned. I had known for years that this was not the way I wanted to live and had been building the path little by little, that would lead me in the direction that called. I'm there now; at that fork in the road, just having taken my first step in the "right" direction.  Now, only two weeks away from the appraisal world, I find that I embrace each and every distraction. I feel a shift. My mind is peaceful. When a mind is peaceful, there is space for creativity and growth!

New Wholesale Family Member

Welcome Good Earth Food Co-op in St. Cloud, MN, USA, to the Scent from Nature wholesale family! We deliver their first pure beeswax candle order today.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Kristen in Alaska

Kristen with the Topa/Oken puppy, Animosh

Kristen with the Topa/Oken puppy, Chetan.

What will we ever do without her? Kristen is spending the summer handling for a friend and helping with her touring business in Alaska. She was in the right place at the right time when Nita, from Sirius Sled Dogs came for a visit to pick up two of our puppies for a friend in common, that were heading to the Fairbanks area. She and Kristen hit if off and Kristen's Alaskan adventure began last Saturday.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday to Journey!

Journey at 5 years old. She's a half Hedlund/half bush trapline Alaskan Husky.