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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Points Unknown Dog Handler Position

Points Unknown is a small, educational Sled Dog Adventure and Touring kennel and we're looking for a qualified, mature and responsible dog handler. The applicant must have a love and respect for dogs, a desire for adventure and a thirst for knowledge.  A dog training background in obedience and/or animal behavior will be helpful. Offering room and board and all of the sled dog cuddles and slobber you can handle.

At times, you’ll work longer and harder than you likely ever have before. You’ll get tired and fatigued, sore, sometimes wet, and really dirty. At times, there will be plenty of time to relax and just soak up the beauty of the woods while hanging out with the dogs in their play groups or to head out to explore the area.  You’ll likely learn more about yourself and canine working companions than you ever thought imaginable and you’ll have the time of your life. There is potential to guide tours in the winter for a little extra pocket money.

We live entirely off grid, using solar energy, in the remote wilderness of Minnesota’s Arrowhead Region but have all of the modern conveniences like indoor plumbing and wifi. We’ve been called one of the cushiest handler jobs around!

Long term preferred, however we will consider shorter term for the right person. Hours are flexible in the off season, so a paying job in town is always possible. During the winter, it will be more difficult to have an off-site job. We have excellent internet service for telecommuting and descent boosted cell phone coverage. Must have a Canadian cell phone plan.

Available immediately. Please send inquiries and resumes to

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