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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Back in Watertown to Snow! YeeHaw!

Just one of the many fun moments that were captured on disk. Arrow is big but not THAT big! He just had to pop up to see who was taking his picture. Silly boy.

We returned at roughly 3AM on Monday morning after spending over 10 hours to get ourselves, our things and our dogs out of the remote cabin. We then drove in a blizzard much of the way home and returned to snow; glorious snow! It has taken until now just to get organized enough to consider an update blog post. There are so many things to say! The remote adventures were spectacular and we couldn't have asked for better conditions or better company.

Shortly after our arrival to our remote cabin which is 6 miles off a plowed road, we discovered that our cell phone booster system that we had used to attempt to get a signal at our Irish Creek Homestead did indeed work! We had cell phone service which made coordination and business go much more smoothly. I had also gotten a fancy new plan on my cell phone that had a wifi hot spot and wouldn't ya know, that worked too so we had internet! I was able to post daily photos and updates to our Facebook page. Please visit the Points Unknown Facebook page to see these photos and updates. You don't have to have a Facebook account to look at our page and I think there are so many fun things you could be missing! For instance, the puppies turned 9 and 10 weeks during our time away and we've got a new puppy album loaded on the page. How can you miss that?

As I mentioned, we returned to find snow! This means we're now booking our Oake Lake Experiences with the sled dogs, beginning on Monday, February 25th. The weekends are close to full, however we've got lots of week day availability.

I also returned to low beeswax candle inventory! Our Scent from Nature business really picked up over the last year so this is a good thing but I need to get moving on handcrafting more. I love my "job"!

We'll be in Watertown now for the next day and a half then pack up all of the dogs again and head up for the DNR's Becoming an Outdoors Woman winter event at the Audubon Center of the Northwoods Environmental Learning Center. Here, we'll be doing three half day courses on dog mushing. Can't wait!

I hope to post more puppy pictures soon and then, of course, there will be a photo album posted on Facebook of our BOW (Becoming an Outdoors Woman) winter weekend.

Wishing you all a good week!