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Friday, January 28, 2011

Puppy Crate Training

Once the doors were open, they remained in their kennels resting. Quick adaptation!

Sharing a kennel

Given that the pups would be taking a 25 hour adventure with Neil in the truck back to Minnesota from New Hampshire, we needed to get them accustomed to their crates.

They would be traveling in their own crates to begin their separation from each other which will be necessary for a well rounded puppy. Each crate had a rubber chewy toy and a soft squishy toy and was lined with fleece.

We extracted our pups from the masses and carefully introduced them to the crates from the outside first. Each pup then wandered inside a crate and the doors were closed while we praised them in a happy high pitched voice for their curiosity. As you might imagine, the puppies began to cry. And cry and cry and cry they did for several minutes off and on. The best thing to do in this case is ignore the crying no matter how difficult. If not, they will associate making noise with getting what they want which is out. Once the crying stopped, we waited several seconds then opened the door of each crate while praising using the words "good quiet." Both puppies stayed in their now opened crates and began to play with their toys!

Once Illy stepped out of the crate we scooped her up and took her outside. "Go Potty" is our command which means nothing to her at the moment. Once she does it, we praise by saying "good potty!". This continues for as long as it takes to ingrain the command and result into their young brains. Once Illy went potty she was allowed to come in and play. She ran right to Aise's crate, went inside and there they both played for a while longer. Once Aise stepped out, the "go potty" training began again. If taken outside and they don't do what is asked then they go back in the crates for another attempt later.

So, after an afternoon of crate introductions, they were ready to travel. Neil said that they were very good travelers, although did, on occasion, cry. He said it got to the point that when he stopped every three hours to let them out, they came out of the crate on to the snow and immediately went potty. Good puppies!

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