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Monday, January 24, 2011

Sneak Preview

Aise (Eye Sha) at 8 weeks and 15.27lbs

Illy (short for Illiamna where the Hedlund Huskies originated) at 8 weeks and 16lbs. We knew that we would be receiving Aise weeks ago but only found out that our second pup would be Illy upon our arrival. She reminds us so much of her grandmother Tuloon as she is displaying many of the desired Hedlund traits. When on leash, she whines until she is able to get out in front of us and Aise then becomes silent. Hmmmm.

Illy and Aise getting used to their crate before their big road trip.

I have just returned from our trip to visit Lidia and Richard at Uktousa Kennel in New Hampshire WITHOUT puppies! It turns out that the forecasted temperatures were too cold for the puppies to return with us via plane so we had to make some quick changes to our plan last week. We decided that, all things considered, it would be best if Neil drove out so that he could travel back with the puppies. He and the girls will be home this evening.

With a 25 hour drive ahead of Neil(each way!), it sure was helpful to have family over half way into the journey who provided good company, a soft bed and a warm homemade meal. The puppies have been traveling well and when Neil returns with the puppies and the rest of the photos, there will be more updates on the trip.

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