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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tuloon/McKenzie Pups; 4 Weeks Old

White Feather weighed 6lbs 7oz in her fourth week. She continues to be the social butterfly. She moves around the kennel as if she's on a mission and tests Tuloon endlessly. Patient mom she is, Tuloon is consistent with her mild corrections. She is the first to seek out anyone who enters the kennel. White Feather is one of the two pups staying at Points Unknown.

Topa weighed 6lbs 12oz at 4 weeks old. Topa is a thinker and will stare into your eyes endlessly. She doesn't mind being help on your lap for long periods of time. She has paired up with Tumac as the pup with which she spends the most time. Topa will be one of the two pups going to Uktousa Kennel and our dear friends, Lidia and Richard.

Tumac weighed 7lbs 9oz at 4 weeks old. He is a somewhat serious pup but often surprises us with bursts of humor. He and Topa are a tight pair and are similar in many ways. Like Topa, Tumac doesn't mind being held for long periods of time and is accepting of whatever his circumstances are at the moment. Tumac will be joining Topa at Uktousa Kennel in New Hampshire where he will be the foundation for their Hedlund Husky preservation program.

Hana was equal to Topa today in weight and weighed 6lbs 12oz at 4 weeks old. She is the first to do everything new, it seems. She is a confident and eager to please girl with a very charming personality. Hana will be staying at Points Unknown kennel.

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