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Monday, July 27, 2009

Points Unknown Gathering

When you've got 7 loose dogs in the back yard, the only safe place for the grill is in the empty dog kennel!

Special thanks to Brian for taking over the grilling duties unexpectedly, shortly after they began!

We had a bright sunny day yesterday for our Points Unknown gathering. It seems we only get together in a group in the winter so we decided to have a gathering in the summer to show our appreciation to those folks locally that have played a part in Points Unknown over the years. These folks ranged from Jean who has taken care of the house during our winter months away, to kennel helpers and their families who have driven the helpers back and forth to various events and to the kennel year after year, dog handlers who have been there to take excellent care of the dogs while I had to be away, other dog mushers who have represented Points Unknown and given excellent service and adventures to our guests and our beloved chefs who provide everything from exquisite meals to humor and who pitch in with all of the dog chores and activities.

You are all very much appreciated.

The dogs enjoyed the event and got all of the attention they could ever want. The puppies were super socialized and got their first introduction to very young people. Tuloon and pups were very accepting of the visitors.

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