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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tuloon/McKenzie Pups 3 Weeks Old

White Feather weighed 4lbs 10oz yesterday at 3 weeks old. She is a social butterfly and moves from pup to pup for play time.

Topa weighed 4lbs 15oz at 3 weeks old. She has become the quietest and most reserved of the pups and she is always up for being cuddled.

Tumac weighed 5lbs 4oz at 3 weeks. He is very content to entertain himself but does enjoy playing with the others once they initiate.

Hana weighed 4lbs 15oz at 3 weeks. She is the most people social of the bunch and is the first to greet visitors. She and I spent a lot of time talking back and forth as she has a lot to say.

The photos show their personalities well. Each pup is so different from the next. They've become very active over the past week and have just begun to notice that there is life outside of the puppy pool. Tumac has been seen with his paws on the edge of the pool, peering over, twice this week. In anticipation of the day when they decide to climb out, thick comforters have been placed all around the pool to break their fall on the hard ceramic tile floor.

Toenails were clipped again this week and their first worming was done just after their 2 week mark.

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