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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Canicross Hikes 2009: Minnewashta Regional Park

A cool water break

Limestone path adjoining to some of the grass and dirt path trails

Walking along the low lands near the lake

The trail takes on some elevation as we head back to the trail head

The dogs learn to keep working and moving forward even when a tangle occurs.

The weather was just perfect for a canicross hike with dogs that have not yet fully shed their winter coats. It was 70 degrees F (21 degrees C) in the sun with a nice breeze. There were a few patchy clouds in a washed-out light blue sky.

This is a regular Canicross Hike location so we did a little bit of exploring in the park today. At the end of the hike, each dog enjoyed a dunk in the lake. Some enjoyed it more than others.... poor Annie was surprised when she found herself swimming when it wasn't in her plan.

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