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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Out of the Pool!

Grabbing a snack

Thick comforters were placed all around the base of the pool to break their fall once they decided it was time to jump.

Well, Neil was right. We awoke yesterday morning to find that all four pups were out of the pool and were running all around the laundry room. A couple were eating out of Tuloon's dry kibble bowl, while the others were drinking some water left out for Tuloon. I'd say they're ready to be outside at this point. Once they're out of the pool there is no way to keep them in and the clean- up becomes an even bigger job.

They were very unhappy, at first, to be in their new surroundings but soon settled in. A big rain and thunderstorm came in the afternoon so they got another new experience. Before the storm we made certain they were all in the dog house safe and sound.

It's been their second full day outside and they actually spent it outside instead of inside the dog house. They've come a long way in just two days.

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