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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Tuloon/McKenzie Pups 1 Week Old

At one week old, White Feather weighs 1lb 15oz. At this point in her very short life, she has the most dense coat of the pups and voices her issues with the most passion.

Being referred to at the moment as Topa, this little girl surpassed White Feather this week and weighs 2lbs 1oz. Her coat is just about as dense as that of White Feather and it feels more coarse to the touch. Topa is second in line for passionately voicing her issues, however she calms down more quickly.

Tumac is tied with Topa at the moment and weighs 2lbs 1oz today. His coat is dense and the shortest of the four at this time. He is very laid back and doesn't really have too many concerns. He's quick to calm and accept whatever his circumstances might be.

I am just stumped as to a name to reference this beautiful, fine featured, delicate and mild pup. It will come with time. Any suggestions? She weighed 1lb 14 oz today. Her coat is extremely soft, just like Tuloon's. And like her brother Tumac, she has very few concerns and is the most accepting and the most quick to calm. Having said that, when she wants something, (at this age its food) she most definitely does and you hear about it. Unlike her sister White Feather who always seems to want something! Or she's just plain filled with spirit!

The pups' first week consisted of eating and sleeping. By the end of the week they were beginning to notice that they had legs and feet and began putting them in their mouths. They then noticed that they weren't the only ones and began showing a bit of interest in the others.

Their eyes are still closed but the process is beginning as eyelids are wider than a sliver now. Toenails have grown rapidly and the first cutting was yesterday.

Tuloon has bounced back from giving birth and is her old self again. She does enjoy spending short periods of time away from the pups to travel around the back yard, making certain everything is the way she left it. She also likes to check in with the others during evening feeding and play time. If a puppy noise is heard from the across the yard, she is quick to the door, pacing nervously to get back inside. She's a very good mom.

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