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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Socialization in Pairs

Blueberry watches intensely as Neil tries to get Tumac interested in a toy.

This introduction went amazingly well. Puppies can have a difficult time meeting new friends at this age, especially if they look very different than their mother or other littermates.

Tumac seeks the comfort of Neil on the cozy dog bed while Hana looks on.


Hana and Tumac


Beautiful Topa


White Feather

White Feather trying to get Topa to play

White Feather

A few days ago, the pups came up to the sun room for the first time, in pairs, to meet the little house dogs and get some one on one socialization. It was fun to watch each reaction to a new fuzzy face. In addition, they were being introduced to new surfaces like carpet and hardwood flooring as well as all kinds of toys made out of different materials.

They seemed surprisingly adaptable. We only got one "squawk" out of Topa when Blueberry, a little King Charles Spaniel/Beagle/Sheltie mix put his nose in her face too quickly. Of course, this scared Blueberry more than Topa so he quickly backed away. When he returned seconds later to re investigate, Topa accepted him as something not quite as scary as before.

The toys didn't get much attention as the pups were just very interested in their new surroundings. Like every litter before them, they seemed to gravitate towards the big, green, soft and cuddly dog bed. White Feather and Hana did the most exploring and continued to want to investigate under the chairs, back behind the woodstove and under the gigantic potted Norfolk Pine tree. Topa was more subdued and was happy to watch from afar then she did what she loves best; she fell asleep. This is a very laid back pup. Tumac was interested in checking things out but not quite as far away as his two sisters. He enjoyed his time on Neil's lap in the cuddly dog bed the most.

At the end of the evening, Neil thought that after this evening of fun, they wouldn't be staying in that pool for very much longer..............

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