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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Those Nasty Flies!

Hailey is trying to convince Phoenix that this pink goop is a good thing.

McKenzie does the submissive, "helicopter head" when it is his turn.

No more flies!

The flies in the dog yard have gotten thick lately. Not wanting to overuse chemicals on the dogs, we only begin to put fly repellent on their ears when it becomes an issue. It was time! We use a horse product called SWAT. It is a pink goop that is blotted on the ends of their ears because that is what the flies like best. This can be used to keep flies off wounds as well. When the pink fades, its time to reapply.

Some of the dogs aren't too crazy about having this pink goop on their ears and some rub themselves in the dirt to try and remove it. The majority, however, just forget about it and move on, happy that the buzzing around their heads as stopped.

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