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Saturday, July 25, 2009

4 Week Old Puppy Photos

Hailey with Topa

After a few warnings from Tuloon to stay away from her bone, White Feather remains at a distance.

Notice Topa waiting patiently and obediently for her turn at the bone and see little miss White Feather trying to sneak in yet again.

Tumac, getting used to his accommodations for flying to New Hampshire in several weeks.


Topa with Blueberry

Hailey with Hana and Topa

White Feather and Hana rest in Hailey's lap as Tumac heads toward the action at the other end of the deck.

The puppies turned 4 weeks old today. They have made the perfect transition to their outdoor space and everyone seems to be enjoying the extra room as they now explore every corner of the kennel. An extra shade cloth was put up to make certain there is ample shade though out the day and the kennel was puppy proofed prior to their arrival.

On the kennel walls, there is hardware cloth affixed to the chain link fencing going up about 3'. This allows the puppies to meet the other dogs in the kennel without concern of an adult dog getting overzealous and possibly harming a pup through the chain link. Tuloon's water bucket was placed on top of a dog house in the corner of the kennel with the bucket attached to the fencing so as not to accidentally fall. Two shallow water bowls were placed in the kennel and are changed several times a day. A puppy can drown in a small amount of water so we make certain that the water is never too deep.

The puppies are also free feeding at the moment as everyone seems to be able to properly control their food intact. No one is too heavy. Leaving food out all day also makes it available to Tuloon to eat when she becomes hungry and with fourth mouths to feed, she is eating a lot more. Having the puppies on puppy food also takes some of the pressure off of her and her milk is becoming a supplement to them.

The pups were wormed again today. Their first worming was at 2 weeks old. Two more will come, one at 6 weeks and one at 8 weeks. Since they have been outside, their toenails didn't need to be trimmed this week.

They all got their first outing on the deck the other night. They began in the grass and were called from atop the deck. They needed then to climb up three wide stairs to get to us and did so quickly and with ease. It seems that new milestones are reached every day!

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