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Saturday, July 11, 2009

2 Weeks Old

Puppy Pile! Everyone is distinctly different in color, coat and markings.

They are just beginning to move out of the "guinea pig" stage and actually look like and act like little dogs.

White Feather tackles Tumac and it doesn't go without protest.

Talk about precious!

The nose sucking has begun.

The whole bunch

Topa isn't quite sure what to make of this.

Big beautiful puppy yawn!

Topa gets back at Hana with a little neck nibble.

The puppies changed dramatically this week. At 10 days old they couldn't even see yet and were beginning to clumsily toddle around their puppy pool. Eyes began to open late on the 11th day and by the morning of the 12th, all puppy eyes were open.

Toenails were cut again this week when I discovered tiny little scatches crisscrossing all over my forearms.

We've had a few close friends over to see and handle the puppies after a very thorough hand and arm washing. The pups have blossomed from all of the people attention and are beginning to seek it out when voices are heard. They continue to be entertained during the day by the classical music of Minnesota Public Radio. It is interesting to watch their little ears perk and twitch to the music when more spirited pieces are played.

The heat lamp that had been shining down on the puppies since they were born was taken down this week. They are out of the critical stage when warmth is of great importance. The have enough coat and body fat to maintain their own temperatures nicely at this stage.

Tuloon has become used to the routine. Feed, sleep, drink, eat, go upstairs to hang out with people, go outside to check on her backyard and for a quick potty break then check in with the pack and over again. She continues to keep her puppies and their space spotless.

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