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Monday, July 27, 2009

Canicross Hikes 2009; Willow River State Park

Hailey with Journey and Oken at the overlook to the falls.

Neil with Phoenix

Marilyn with Conan

Along the base of the falls there is a cool place for the dogs to rest.

Brian and Olive

Lunch break

Back to the trail.

Conan takes a dip

Hailey and Oken

Olive and Brian give Canicross Hiking a try with the assistance of Neil and Phoenix.

Break at the overlook

Willow River Falls

Neil and me with Phoenix and Journey

This photo reminds me of the opening clip from a "Charlie's Angels" episode. Don't ya think?

What a wonderful July day for a hike! It is very rare you gets temps in the upper 60s and low 70s in July. This was perfect summer weather for dogs. The water features of this park make it a favorite among the dogs and the people.

We did roughly 5 miles on Saturday with a couple long breaks at the waterfall. We were joined on this hike by Neil's parents who are visiting for a few weeks from England. With a quick introduction back at the kennel, prior to the hike, they took to it quickly and enjoyed the help up many of the steep hills on our return trip that the dogs provided. Three Points Unknown dogs got to go on this hike. Phoenix was the seasoned veteran at the sport in attendance. He hasn't been along on a hike this season. This is mainly due to the fact that he is so powerful and I have been trying to allow a soft tissue injury to my foot to heal so have taken the smallest dog in the kennel, Zala. Neil and Phoenix were a team. Oken joined Hailey, our kennel helper, and feeling as though my foot was less vulnerable, I gave Journey a turn today. Marilyn and Conan were along today as well and Conan, our "German" Sled Dog, gave our sled dogs a bit of competition as he pulled very well today. He has a slow and steady pace, like a good (herding) freight dog.

The next scheduled hike on August 8th will be canceled as this musher is heading back with Neil and his family to see a bit of England. Our next hike will then be at Afton State Park on August 22nd. Hope to see you there!

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