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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kennel Visit

Jim and Judy with Juma


Beautiful Juma

Nacha left, Juma right


Houdini, 11yrs old, is Jesse's brother

Yoda, 13 yrs old, is half brother to Jesse

Mukluk, 14 years old, is Jesse's half brother

Chewbaca, 13 yrs old, is Yoda's sister and Jesse's half sister.

Chica is a half Hedlund Husky not related to our Zulu line. She is a half sister to our Phoenix and came to Jim and Judy from Mush Knik Networking in Alaska.

Neil and I took the morning yesterday to visit some members of our canine family at a kennel in Northfield, Minnesota. Juma and Nacha are Klaus and Sweet Pea's sisters and were placed in a wonderful home with Jim and Judy nearly 7 years ago when they were pups. Also at this kennel are relatives to Juma and Nacha on their mother, Jesse's side.

Since this can get confusing I'll explain. What I call my "Zulu line" began with a breeding between Zulu and a 55lb female named Jesse who was bred as a long distance racing dog in a northern Minnesota kennel. Jesse has a very muscular build. She's got blue eyes and a shorter coat. Zulu and Jesse had 8 pups in 2001; Bazil (father of Tuloon's 2007 litter), Klaus, Sweet Pea, Nacha, Juma, Zimbi(dam of planned fall litter with Phoenix), Blue and Gretta. Jim and Judy gave a home to several dogs from the same kennel from where Jesse came which are then relatives to the Zulu/Jesse 2001 litter. I can't tell you how much fun it is to be able to see dogs from the extended lineage. It helps to create a better mental picture of one of the the lines on which we're currently working and gives us more insight.

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