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Sunday, July 19, 2009

3 Weeks Old; Introduction to Their Eventual Kennel

The pups weren't too excited to be placed on the dirty ground after being all snug in fleece blankets in their cozy puppy pool. There was a lot of howling and crying as Tuloon walked calmly around the kennel, checking it over to see if it was suitable for her fuzzy pups.

The other dogs could see the pups through the fence at this point from their kennels located about 15' across the dog yard. They were jumping over each other to get a good seat for the first viewing. The Inuit Dogs were proclaiming their excitement while the Huskies quietly yet intently watched.

Tuloon consoled her concerned pups, licking them, then nursing them and they seemed to feel much safer and the crying dwindled.

Tuloon is a very calm mom and didn't mind sharing this introduction with four people with cameras in her kennel.

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