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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Tuloon/McKenzie Pups; 2 Weeks Old!

White Feather at 2 weeks old weighed in at 3lbs 3 oz. She has become used to being handled and doesn't protest. She is still the spunkiest of the four but relatively mild compared with Tuloon's 2007 litter! This would be thanks to McKenzie, Mr. Calm himself. White Feather has a coat that is extremely dense and the longest of all of the pups at this stage.

BIG girl Topa rose above the others in weight this week. She is 3lbs 8oz at 2 weeks old. She did a lot of sleeping this week compared with the others. One can only imagine that she was also feeding quite a bit more as well! Topa was very mild mannered this week and has gotten used to being handled with no protesting. She did utter the first growl heard from the bunch when she apparently was getting awakened too often by her siblings who were playing a bit too near.

Tumac weighed 3lbs 5 oz at 2 weeks old. He's a doll. Being very content to sit in a lap with his paws outstretched in front of him while being scratched, he is still very laid back and accepting of whatever happens to be going on at the time

Hana is tied with Tumac this week and weighed 3lbs 5 oz at two weeks old. It was like a light switch went on, literally, when her eyes opened! This passive girl at one week old began to have very strong opinions about things. She was the first one to wander across the pool to me when I called out "puppies!" after her eyes were open. She is still very calm and quiet but is a lot more active and initiates play more than the others at this stage.

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