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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Puppy Maintenance

Toenails are cut weekly. Starting this early gets them used to their feet being handled and makes it much easier when they are adults.

Tuloon continues to clean each pup several times a day and she keeps their puppy area nice and clean as well.

More cleaning

The cleaning has become more intense because you get larger quantities of mess as they get bigger. Puppy bedding is changed daily. This means laundry is also done daily.

Socialization is a several times a day event. The pups are held and cuddled, talked to and we are now even exchanging howls. Their legs, feet, tail and ears are handled, their heads and backs are stroked and strange noises are made followed by praise that they have become accustomed to, to let them know they are safe. All of these things aid in the desensitization to help raise a well rounded and social pup.

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