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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tumac and Hana to the Vet

Tumac and Hana's first ride in the truck

Waiting calming in waiting room just before the "incident"

Tumac gets a thorough exam. Since there is Siberian Husky in the Hedlund line, issues with undescended testicles can occur as do occur in the Siberian Huskies. We were glad to find out that both have fully descended. If not, Tumac would have been fixed and therefore could not be a part of the Hedlund Husky breeding program.

Hana gets her exam

Katrina and Scott from the Watertown Vet Clinic have been taking thoughtful care of the Points Unknown Sled Dogs for many years.

Since Tumac and Hana will be flying out to New Hampshire to meet their musher and team on Saturday, we needed to get them to the vet for a Health Certificate required for the flight.

Tumac weighed 22lbs at 8 weeks and 5 days while Hana weighted 17lbs. They got their first ride in the truck in a crate without incident. And they were more than happy to walk up the steps into the vet clinic and play with the children waiting for their puppy to come out from a recent stay. However, they were not quite ready for a man on crutches who walked in with a large black dog. I'm not quite sure what scared them most, (I should say, what scared Tumac the most) the black dog or the crutches. Poor little Tumac let out a blood curdling scream and ran from one end of the clinic to the other, releasing any and all that he had not deposited in the back yard before we left. Hana, who would have otherwise likely not been affected, followed her brother when he fled.

I've informed Tumac's new musher to make sure she is able to get a hold of some crutches and a black dog or two because Tumac will need some desensitizing after today's incident. Interestingly enough, after this unexpected event, this little boy recovered quickly and went somewhat willingly into the exam room and remained calm the remainder of our visit.

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