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Monday, August 24, 2009

Puppy Testing at 7 Weeks

Tumac's structure is evaluated.

Tumac remains relaxed while elevated.

Topa is being evaluated for her structure

White Feather is taking part in the leader analysis portion of the testing

Hana's bond with me distracts her from the tester. Look at the sweet face!

The puppy testing took place at 49 days old. This has been said to be the time that the puppies have their adult brain but have not been overly influenced by outside factors so raw data can be obtained. These tests are always taken with a grain of salt. Puppies, like people, can have bad days and really, the lifetime with your puppy is what makes them who they are, whether your influence has been helpful for their proper development or not.

For those having read about the 2007 Tuloon/Bazil puppies, you might recall that out of the bunch of six we had one very special puppy that tested as what they call a "Group 4" puppy. According to the author, this category of pup would never be a good sled dog or really amount to much of anything in the dog world at all. Little miss Zala has become by no means anything that even closely resembles what they call the dreaded "Group 4" puppy. Even though she is a mere 45 lbs, I can honestly say that she has one of the most tremendous work ethics I have seen. When placed in lead, she did exceptionally well with very little distraction for her first season.

So, case in point, these tests are only data. What is done with the data will result in whether or not the puppy meets his/her full potential. Zala could have been labeled a "Group 4" puppy and that would have been that. She may have very well become one without the proper training and attention. Having said that, a "Group 1" puppy could also fail miserably if placed in the hands of someone unable or unwilling to do the right thing by that dog.

All puppies were evaluated for structure and found to be solidly built with good proportions and good feet. This is something that can't be changed. They either have it or they don't. This comes from the genes. All four are extremely friendly with people and other dogs and have stable temperaments. All in all, the pups have a good foundation from which to grow into excellent working adults and we sure are excited to watch them as they grow!

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