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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Klaus and Sweet Pea Turn 7 Years Old

Klaus at 7 years old

Sweet Pea at 7 years old

It's Klaus and Sweet Pea's seventh birthday today. They are Zulu kids and from the Points Unknown-Zulu freight Alaskan Husky line.

Interestingly enough, both of them were placed in other homes when they were puppies. We brought Klaus back to the kennel when he was 6 months old. He had a genetic eye issue called entropion. This is where the eyelid rolls inward, scratching the cornea. A $250 surgery fixed the problem and because of this genetic issue, he too, was fixed. Since this time he has become one of the most precise open country leaders in our kennel, next to his dad, Zulu.

Sweet Pea decided that she didn't want to be a racing dog in her first placement then went on to another kennel where she was later diagnosed with an autoimmune protein passing disease. Her mushers were told that she would never have enough stamina to be a sled dog. We asked if we could take her back and her mushers reluctantly agreed. Turns out, it appears as though she was just allergic to the wheat in the food they were feeding and apparently, the vet didn't bother to look into her diet when making this diagnosis The minute she came back, she was taken off the prednisone and the nasty prescription food the vet gave her and placed on Redpaw. She gained 8lbs in two weeks and has been a hard worker and an active part of our working team ever since, in addition to being the adoptive mom to our incoming puppies. She returned over 5 1/2 years ago.

Things happen for a reason. These two were meant to be in our kennel and we are so very glad they returned.

Happy Birthday, Klaus and Sweet Pea!

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