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Monday, August 24, 2009

Memories of the UK

An aqueduct. We don't have those in Minnesota!

A couple of the fancy flat bottom boats in the canal. There are 2-3 thousand miles of canals in the UK.


What wales is known for.... sheep!

Beach in Wales.

a 1775 built mill converted to a home.

What a gorgeous sunset!

The hills of Wales were covered with Heather.

The Cornish Pasty!

Believe it or not but this is actually a 2 way road!!! Yikes!

A working Cornish Cyder Farm

The hills in the Cotswold region of England

Camping in Newquay in Cornwall

Stonehenge! (Taken from the traffic jam on the motorway!)

A beautiful thatched roof.

The homes, old and new, are made of stone and of course each area has distinctly different stone. We visited some buildings that were built in the 1400s. These are much newer and likely built somewhere around the 1700s. The roofs are made of slate.

Trumpeter Swans a plenty! More of those white feathered birds....

I was shocked to see a familiar sight - Fireweed in England! It grew in abundance along the motorways.

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