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Monday, August 24, 2009

Tuloon/McKenzie Pups; 8 Weeks Old

White Feather weighed 15lbs 6 oz at 8 weeks old. Puppy testing at 7 weeks old indicated that she has strong leader potential. She also showed the tester her "busy" self which is a good indicator of a dog desiring a job. She'll most certainly have one!

Topa weighed 16lbs at 8 weeks old. Things have shifted a bit as they sometimes do with puppies and Topa will be staying at Points Unknown while the beautiful Hana will be joining Uktousa Kennel in New Hampshire. Topa 's puppy testing also indicated a strong leader potential.

Tumac weighed a whopping 20lbs at 8 weeks old! He should be a very big boy when he grows up! Tumac was the most interested in spending time with the tester during the puppy test. He is very calm and serious and took everything she had to present to him and did exactly what was asked and expected. He showed the strongest desire to please without distraction. He heads off to Uktousa Kennel on Saturday with Hana.

Hana weighed 15lbs 6 oz at 8 weeks although her feet as just as big as Tumac's! The puppy test confirmed her confidence and independence. She has a great desire to please and has leader potential. At the same time, she is not interesting in pleasing just anyone. She was the least interested in the tester and had other ideas about what would be more interesting! After much consideration and subsequent behavior analysis, it was decided that Hana needed to join a team where there would be only one musher to which to bond. This would allow her to reach her full potential and not feel frustrated while at work. At Points Unknown, our dogs are asked to work for others, at times, and it would not be fair to a pup with this personality type to be asked to do a type of job she didn't sign up for. Hana joins Tumac in his travels to New Hampshire this Saturday.

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