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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Is That Sun?

The sun comes out over Oake Lake!

Tumac seemed to stay the driest today.

White Feather with her typically Hedlund stare.

Topa is being submissive to the camera.

After two completely soaker days, I think I see the sun shining from the west! We were desperately in need of rain. From last count, I believe we were down 8 inches. It will be interesting to see what the past couple of days has done for that total.

Yesterday, the puppies were just beside themselves. They were fine in their houses for the morning but then got bored and played in the rain until they were soaked to the bone. Then commenced the crying which lasted much of the afternoon. They had gotten so wet that even the inside of their houses were wet. This didn't make them very happy. During a break in the rain I did head out with a couple of towels to try and dry them off. Thankfully, it was warm and they were in no fear of being anything other than uncomfortable.

Today it rained again, and rained and rained and rained. The puppy crying stopped as I'm sure by now they are thinking this is their new life so they'd better get used to it. A break in the rain came around breakfast and the pups got a quick run in the backyard to work out the kinks. Another break came about the time for their evening feeding so all of the big dogs got a run in the yard. Many were then rotated in and out of the puppy pen to visit with the pups. Zala, Journey, Oken, Phoenix, McKenzie and, of course, Tuloon each took a turn. Sweet Pea, historically the nurse maid to any Points Unknown pups, was asked if she would like to go in and promptly made a beeline far, far away from the puppy gate. I guess that was her official resignation.

Dogs like Klaus and Zodiak are far too rambunctious to visit the puppies quite yet and Ilu, he's an Inuit Dog and Inuit dogs, well, I would say that their rowdiness far exceeds that of Klaus and Zodiak so he'll have to wait a bit longer. Icoa is Ilu's mom and very good with pups so she'll get a turn over the weekend. Tukisi is getting older and has no need for puppies and Isis, let's just say that Isis is not at all puppy friendly and will never get to visit the puppies other than through the hardware cloth lined fence.

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