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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Tuloon/McKenzie Pups; 7 Weeks Old

White Feather remains the most playful and is not quite as confident on her own. She seems to need her pack to help her feel safe. Her training will include special time with us alone to boost her confidence. She weighed 12lbs 10oz at 7 weeks old.

Topa is a delight. She is very obedient and eager to please. She weighed 13lbs today.

Tumac is a gentle giant and a big sweetheart. He weighed 15lbs 12oz at 7 weeks old today!

Hana is the most confident by far and can be seen exploring on her own at the other end of the yard, just like her mom, Tuloon, used to do as a pup. Her individual training will include spending special time alone with us but not to boost her confidence like White Feather, but to help create a strong bond with us so she sees us as part of her team. She weighed 13lbs today. Contrary to her appearance, we do not have any stray Golden Retrievers in the neighborhood.

The last week was spent visiting the UK to see where Neil grew up, to meet some of his friends and spend time with his family. Thankfully, Chris, Sara and Jean were here to take care of the sled and house dogs because leaving for a week with 20 dogs is not easy. I am very happy to say that I came back to some very happy and healthy dogs, as I knew I would. Not to mention some huge 7 week old puppies!

I could not believe how those little guys had changed in eight days! Although I had the most wonderful time in the UK, it is nice to be back to all of the fuzzies. Neil joins us again in 5 weeks. The puppies will then be 12 weeks old and two will have been sent off to their new home in New Hampshire. Lucky for him, there is no shortage of digital camera and video camera space.

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