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Monday, August 3, 2009

McKenzie Turns 8 Years Old!

McKenzie at 8 years old right in the middle of shedding season.

McKenzie, a deep Hedlund Husky line male, turned eight years old on Saturday, August 1st. McKenzie weights 70-75lbs and is our tallest dog, standing 30 inches at the shoulder with a couple more inches of coat above that!

McKenzie is Journey's dad along with being the proud sire of Tuloon's current litter of four big and beautiful, fuzzy puppies.

McKenzie is a hard puller once the sled gets going and is an excellent ambassador for the kennel. He has a habit, however, of being impatient at hook up and attempts to pull the team in front of him back by his neck line! You wouldn't guess by just meeting him in the kennel that this super laid back and extremely silent boy could ever create such a frenzy but he just can't wait to get going! We continue to work with him on this behavior and with consistent training, we're fairly certain we can curb this tendency. His daughter, Journey, displayed this behavior when first hooked into the gangline for a puppy run. We were able to quickly move her through it with very few recurrences. This leads us to believe that it could be a genetic behavior as McKenzie came to us at 6 years old and this is when we first made the connection between the two with regards to the behavior. Very interesting thing to ponder.....

Nonetheless, McKenzie is an asset to our kennel and is loved dearly.

Happy Birthday, Kenzie!

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