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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Arrival in New Hampshire!

Me with pups at the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport Cargo warehouse

Lidia, Hana and Tumac

Richard and pups

This morning began early with a run in the backyard for Tumac and Hana before they hopped into their crate for the drive to the airport. An extra crate was brought along in preparation for a potential mess on the way to the airport. I am happy to say that it was not needed. After a quick walk around the parking lot, both pups had to be placed in their crates and checked in for their flight. Last night a small dish of water was frozen to be attached to the kennel door this morning, just in case the puppies got thirsty along the way. A nice thick comforter was placed in the bottom of the crate for their comfort and to absorb any liquids. Neither pup seemed concerned about their new experience. After a sad "goodbye", the pups were on their way!

Lidia and Richard of Uktousa Kennel left various updates along their journey to the Boston airport to retrieve the pups. Apparently, the area is being affected by a hurricane and there were high winds and heavy rain, making the road conditions poor. We thought the only issue with shipping today might be the crowds and funeral proceedings for Ted Kennedy. Add to this the terrible weather conditions.

Despite the rain, the pups arrived safely. According to Lidia, the airport attendant greeted them with the crate facing backwards and said "You're gonna love these puppies!" and he proceeded to let them out of their crate and hug and kiss them while tails wagged and he got a face full of puppy tongues before Lidia could even greet them. It's nice to know they were well taken care of on their journey.

Apparently, there was no mess at all in the crate. Considering these are 9 week old puppies and they had been in those crates for a total of 6 hours, that is pretty amazing! The pups were welcomed into the family out in the pouring rain. No one seemed to mind.

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