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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Our UK Connection

Neil the musher

Neil in Iraq

Gemma, one of Neil's family Collies

Millie, the Samoyed and Gemma

When Neil is not working with the sled dogs in Minnesota, he is working at wrapping up his 22 years of service for the British Army. Neil has worked on a number of occasions as part of the coalition tasking in Iraq within the UK Medical Group as an Operating Theatre Practitioner and should be applauded for his service, whether we agree with the war and all of its politics or not.

Neil grew up in the Cotswold region of England in a family that always had dogs and more specifically, Rough Collies. In the past 9 years, he has spent much time with his brother's Samoyed so had a small introduction to "sled dogs" before he first traveled to Minnesota. Neil has become a natural musher and the dogs welcomed him into our pack from the start.

While recently visiting the UK we made a very special trip to the British Army Medical Museum. It was there that we read about a very special award for animal bravery and wanted to share it. Please visit this link to learn more about the PDSA Dickin Medal.

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