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Monday, August 3, 2009

Dog Yard Visitors

Tumac stares into J.J.'s eyes

Tumac, nose to nose with Lexy

What a happy boy!

White Feather, checking out our visitors

Although interesting in our guests, Hana and White Feather spent much of the visit in a puppy ball, putting on a show.

Sweet Topa

Tumac is extremely calm and pensive

Whirl of dog fur

Sweet Pea presents herself for attention.

The puppies received some much needed socialization when a family we met during our Gunflint Lodge adventures last winter came out for a visit.

The puppies adored Lexy and J.J. and were quite comfortable to have all six of us in their kennel, as was mom, Tuloon.

The big dogs couldn't be left out, of course. Sweet Pea presented herself to our visitors as if she were royalty. It was a blur of fur as others ran back and forth, stopping by momentarily for some attention.

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