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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sasha is Visiting!

All photos in this post by Rebecca Lain
Olive works with Sasha

What a goofy puppy sit

Smiling Sasha

One of her serious moments. There are so few at her age.

Sasha will be visiting for the next couple of weeks. This is a busy time of year for Chris, her human and one of our dog handlers, so we welcome her visit. She'll run in the team today and then next week when we attend a family event at an Audubon Center of the North Woods Environmental Learning Center near Sandstone, MN. After which time, she'll join us on a fun family trip of our own up off the Arrowhead Trail just south of the Canadian border.

Who is Sasha? Sasha is Wimzi's sister. She is Tuloon's granddaughter, Zala, Oken and Zodiak's cousin and Klaus and Sweet Pea's niece. There is also some distance relationship between her some others in our kennel. Her look reminds us so much of her grandpa Zulu, the foundation male and namesake of our freight Alaskan Husky line. Zulu passed away almost a year ago now and we still feel his presence every day in our kennel in the wonderful kids and grandkids he left behind.

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