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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pheasant with a Death Wish

Tuloon hopes to stretch and reach our oblivious feathered friend

Relaxing in a tree

For some reason, we have an overabundance of pheasants this year. Little Copper loves watching them out the window and then when they cross into the fenced yard, he barks like crazy to be able to get outside to chase them. Yesterday, a pair of them decided to occupy a tree while the dogs were out. They seemed unaffected as a small pack of dogs circled under the tree. We did let the sled dogs in the house to give the pheasant some time for a safe get-a-way but it chose to remain on its perch.

After quite some time, this pheasant glided down to the ground amongst the sled dogs then waddled off, untouched.

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