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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

First New Hampshire Run

Nellie with Hana peering from behind

Cookqiz with Tumac towering above her in the background. She's a 57lb female.


Sweet Tumac



Rosie and Yahboo

Lidia fixing a tangle


Tumac in lead with Yahboo

After an afternoon of visiting with puppies we were ready to get out and run the dogs. I was anxious to see how those three Points Unknown pups, now between three years old and 18 months old ran in harness. I wasn't disappointed. Their pulling instinct and natural drive are fully intact and they appeared so familiar, having so many of the same mannerisms as their relatives at Points Unknown.

Lidia has an area near her home called Sandwich Notch that has some very steep and twisty trails and a spectacular view of the surrounding mountains; very different terrain to central Minnesota but strikingly similar to portions of northern Minnesota minus the high mountain views.

Kennel connections:

Tumac and Hana are Tuloon/McKenzie pups from 2009. They are litter mates to our White Feather and Topa.

Cookqiz is a Tuloon/Bazil (Zulu line) pup from 2007. She is a sister to our Zala, Oken and Zodiak as well as our dear friends Rich and Kendra's Wahya.

Rosie is our Ilo's daughter. She is a sister to our Phoenix and Ari.

Daisy (dam of current litter and therefore out of harness) and Nellie are Journey's sisters and were born in early 2007.

In addition to the Hedlund Huskies, Lidia has an incredibly sweet dog named Yahboo who is a Yukon Husky and eight very well mannered Malamutes; Sharky Bob, Diva, ZsaZsa, Tonka, Moose, Biffa, Lilly and Zudnik.

Please visit her website if you would like to know more about her adventures with her dogs at Uktousa Kennel. Can you believe that she races with her team of freight dogs? She does an excellent job of highlighting the traditional sled dogs at the races she attends and is actually quite competitive with them.

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