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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve Run

Photos in this post by Rich Baker
Lexy and JJ with Grandparents, Jim and Mary

Scenic bridge passage

Oken leads with confidence

Back to the kennel

Lexy gives everyone an after-run treat

We had a very special run on Christmas Eve day when Rich and Kendra (McKenzie and Wahya's humans) came out with Lexy, JJ, McKenzie, Wahya and Kendra's parents from North Carolina. It was important to get some photos of Jim and Mary with the dog sled team for their New Year's card so we set out to do just that. Jim mentioned this being a "once in a lifetime experience" and we wanted to make sure it was the best it could be for them.

Jim went with Neil and his team lead by Phoenix and Tuloon and Mary and I and our team lead by Oken, lead the way. The run was beautiful and peacefully uneventful except for the moments across the most slushy part of the lake where the dogs appeared to walk on water and, thankfully, the sled floated. We had to add just a touch of adventure for them so their experience could be even more unforgettable. We hope they had a wonderful adventure and wish them a safe journey home.

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